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Sep. 3rd, 2013 10:39 pm
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 I think my father has finally won.
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 Fucking everything up today. Only been awake for 2 and a half hours, and I seem to have got myself blocked from my email, another one, again. My head is starting to get a stress headache, which usually means a migraine; the stress and panic are getting me into a perfect mood for depression.  I just don't belong in this world day again. Probably going to throw another load of food away because I can't make myself eat. 
Oh listen to me feeling sorry for myself. 
Fuck it!
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      I thought that after her recent nuptials deird1 might need a dose of reality where the joys of siblings; children etc are concerned; at least that's what I decided after I wrote this.

     Xie is the blind slayer I introduced earlier in my fic challenge in this drabble ~ ~ called Scent of a Vampire. I haven't fixed her in any of my many Buffy 'verses yet, but this follows some time after her introduction, when she is being visited / checked up on / annoyed by a sibling.

    Word of the Day 

    "It's a dragon's tail!"

    Xie sighed; deciding her baby sister was a dingbat.

    "It's rubber;" muttering loud enough for Li-hua to hear.

    She could hear air hissing through gritted teeth, and contracted nostrils.

    Li-hua was pouting.

   Also she smelled the cheap american perfume the dingbat was sweating as she bent down to pick up the disputed object.

   Ignoring the dog's mess, Xie snatched it from Li-hua's descending grasp; then shoved it under her sister's nose.

   "Smell it now?"

   Even her dingbat sister could smell the fei-oo beneath the nastiness.

   Xie decided, as she marched Li-hua off home, that she liked the new word Dawn had taught her.

   Goddess watch over you all,
   'tis ok to be Takei,
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it's #71 in my personal fic challenge for 2013, and it's written as a tribute to a family who've been at the forefront of the marriage equality fight since Prop 8 got passed in 2008. Now in 2013, we are more than a quarter through seeing that become a shameful footnote in American history. It's here @ and is called thusly:

From Saigon to Brooklyn, the Ways of The Force are Strange

It's post-S7 Buffy, and has nothing to do with the comics.

Hope you enjoy
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just letting the assembled, if there's anyone out there... *tumbleweeds* ...? is going to become my primary; since I want to write fics mostly, account, with the old account being used for political, social and personal stuff.

At least that's the plan.

Goddess be with you all,
'tis ok to be Takei,
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I'm thinking the chances of my EVER visiting Australia are reducing by the second! I'm starting to wonder if the Arctic is still going to be there when I can afford a house up there. :-(
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And here goes...

Hope you enjoy, and please comments; especially honest criticism, will be most welcome!

Goddess be with you,
'Tis ok to be Takei,
Have a happy Mother's Day,

TITLE: Chocolate and Marshmallows at the Mother's Day Picnic
AUTHOR: Ray Harley
DISCLAIMER: Most of this belongs to Mutant Enemy etc... The rest belongs mostly to Jet Wolf and her pack. The Idea for the story is mine. There, that should scare off the nasty scary lawyers... do ya think?
AUTHOR'S NOTES: This is dedicated to my own mother, but to the mother's of all you guys; the mother's of all those who've died as a result of mankind's self-inflicted stupidities, and those, including a niece, who will be mother's in the near future.


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